WordPress "Mega Meetup"

United States
Tue, Sep 15, 6:30 PM (EDT)

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About this event

We are joining forces with multiple WordPress meetups! Spend time with WordPress folks that you might not have met before. Meetups that will be joining us:




...and more coming!

And we have guests joining us! Check out the superstars this month:

Michelle Schulp (a designer and frontend developer) will be talking about the block editor and answering YOUR QUESTIONS. Design, how-to, whatever... Regardless of your experience, bring your questions about tools, best practices, how to get started, how the editor works, how to build layouts, or anything else you'd love to know.

We might be doing some examples, live conversation, feature demos, or testing things out live in the editor.

"Maximizing Revenue Through Supercharged Maintenance Packages" - Allie Nimmons

If you provide design or development services using WordPress and are not also providing maintenance after launch, you’re leaving money on the table. In this talk, Allie looks at the basics provided in most maintenance packages, then explores how you can go above and beyond with your own packages to stand out in a crowded market.

(Oh yeah! In this economy right now, it's important to maximize your revenue. Don't miss this one!)


Time around the event will be hosted by David Bisset and Jean Felisme (WordCamp Miami organizers) along with the other organizers.

We plan to have talks but also some chats and discussions - this will not be as formal as some of the meetups you might have attended before. We are working on ways to network on a meetup level without virtual meeting overload or a large time investment.


  • David Bissett

    David Bissett

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    Jean Felisme


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    Adam Warner


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